Szkolenie UPRT

UPRT training


UPRT training - preventing and recovering aircraft from critical situations (Upset prevention and recovery training) 

The purpose of UPRT is to make sure that pilots are competent to prevent or recover from a developing or evolving aircraft emergency. Prevention training prepares pilots to avoid critical situations, while extrication training prepares pilots to prevent an accident when a critical situation develops. An actual critical situation may trigger severe physiological and psychological reactions in pilots, such as visual illusions, loss of spatial orientation and unprecedented overloading, and direct the development of strategies to meet these challenges.


The UPRT training is divided into two training courses:

For the advanced UPRT training,certificated aeroplanes in the aerobatic category that provides the greatest of the safety and  certificated aeroplanes in the normal or service category shall be 
used. During the training, ATO shall take into account the planning of the aeroplanes in such a way that the flight envelope for that aeroplane, as defined by the AFM, is not affected.


Royal-Star Aero's advanced UPRT training includes at least:

  1. 1. 5 hours online lectures on theoretical knowledge ;
    2. pre-flight and post-flight briefings; also
    3. 3 hours of practical flight training with an instructor - including:
             - 1 hour on a ZLIN 526F aerobatic aircraft,
             - 1 hour on a multi-engine PA 34/M-20 autopilot and
             - 1 hour on a SEP(L) class C-152 / AT-3 aeroplane.


Upon completion of the UPRT training, the candidate will receive a certificate of completion issued in Polish and English language.



Note: In case of training for larger groups by the Airlines, there is a possibility to negotiate prices.

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