Multi Crew Cooperation
and Jet Orientation Course

Multi Crew Cooperation MCC and Jet Orientation Course JOC at Royal-Star Aero



With us you will learn optimal decision-making, division of labour, communication in a multi-member crew, teamwork - to know how to interact in normal, abnormal and emergency situations.

Theoretical and practical training in accordance with FCL.735.A must be completed within 6 months from the start of training.
The condition of the course is to have a private pilot license PPL / IR or CPL / IR.
The training of the MCC may be connected only to an integrated training according ATPL purpose of this training


 25 hours online lectures of theoretical knowledge      20 hours of practical training on the alx simulator


MCC's theoretical training include:

-  Communication
 - Monitoring and checking
 - Division of tasks in a multi-person crew
 - Use of checklists
 - Briefings
 - Flight director/management
 - Use of FMS
 - Normal Systems Operation
 - Abnormal and emergency operations of systems
 - Environment, Weather and Air Traffic Control Services


MCC's practical training include:

Issues related to cruise, descent and approach, post-landing and post-flight procedures, and selected emergency and abnormal procedures.



JOC - Jet Orientation Course includes:

5 hours of theoretical/online tuition and 6 hours on the ALX flight simulator, which provides high realism of the flight operations performed.

5 hours online lectures of theoretical knowledge      
6 hours of practical training on the alx simulator



The subject matter of the JOC theoretical training:

Topics related to the design, aerodynamics, propulsion, automation of high performance jet-powered aircraft and specifics of flight operations, equipment and operations.


The subject matter of the JOC practical training shall include:

Specifics of flying a high performance jet-powered aircraft and the operation of EFIS and flight automation.

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