Your stay at the Royal-Star Aero
Your stay
at the Royal-Star Aero

Your stay at the Royal-Star Aero

In Royal-Star Aero You are like special guest who deserves all the best not just another customer!

Royal Star team is not only made up of great instructors and specialized technical staff but also employees of the front office. They are here to facilitate your stay at the ATO.

If you need to book a room, rent a car, make a reservation of a plane or an appointment with an instructor, or if you need some advice on where to find a good and cheap restaurant – our team is there at your service, always ready to help you. In regard to accommodation Royal-Star Aero cooperates with several hotels situated no more than 3-4 km from the airport. Those places have been chosen not only with respect to their localisation but also because of the comfort, tidiness and reasonable prices they provide.


If you need assistance regarding this training at our school  - our team will provide it:

Have questions?

Feel free to contact us, we’ll be happy to help you.

Royal-Star AERO


ul. Lotniskowa 16

phone. [+48] 17 788 63 60

email: ato[at]

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