About Royal-Star Aero
Royal-Star Aero
Aviation Training Cener

Royal-Star is a company created out of passion and many years of experience in the aviation field. In 2003 we decided to enter the aviation market as the Royal-Star AERO Training Center. For this purpose, we have employed an experienced staff of airplane instructors for whom aviation is a passion. 

Since then, we have been making every effort to ensure that training is associated with high professionalism, reliability, friendly atmosphere and enthusiasm for action, characteristic for a young and charismatic crew. Royal-Star AERO is No. 1 among aviation training centers in Poland.

About Royal-Star Aero


The best equipped training center in Poland: 

"Our work is passion, and conducting aviation training, that make the dreams of others come true, is a real pleasure for us. "

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Royal-Star AERO


ul. Lotniskowa 16

phone. [+48] 17 788 63 60

email: ato[at]royal-star.pl

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