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We are one of the most experienced aviation training center in Poland and over the years we have trained hundreds of airline pilots as well as private pilots who fly for pure fun.

Our experinced instructors will prepare you to perform even the most demanding tasks in the air, and you will be better prepared for Civil Aviation Authority exams. Our technical staff maintains our aircraft to ensure your safety.

We are the first in Europe to support pilot learning with state-of-the-art technology: HUD Displays -Technology allows various key flight and navigation data to be displayed on the glass in front of the pilot's eyes, so that they are not distracted from keeping track of what is happening outside the aircraft.


Our fleet is well prepared by our technical staff. In our aircrafts you are always safe!


We offer courses for:

  • PPL(A) – Private Pilot License (Airplane)
  • CPL(A) – Commersial Pilot License (Airplane)
  • ATPL(A) – Air Transport Pilot License (Airplane)

Training for the following ratings:

  • FI(A) – Flight Instructor (Airplane)  
  • CRI(SP)M - Class Rating Instructor For Multi
  • Engines Class Aircraft Mep(L)
  • IRI(A) – Instrument Raiting Instructor (Airplane)
  • IR(A) – Instrument Rating (Airplane)
  • TPR(A) – Test Pilot Rating (Airplane)
  • MEP(L) – Multi Engine Piston (Land)
  • MCC – Multi Crew Cooperation
  • IR/ME – instrument rating on multiengineppl(a) private pilot license (airplane)
  • UPRT
  • PBN
About Us

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Royal-Star AERO


ul. Lotniskowa 16

phone. [+48] 17 788 63 60

email: ato[at]royal-star.pl

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