Mielec Airport EPML

The Royal-Star Aero Training Centre is located at the airport in Mielec. The airport has two asphalted runways, one in the 27-09 direction, with a length of 2498m and the other in the 36-18 direction with a length of 670m.

The runway in direction 27 has lighting enabling night flights.

The location is perfect and allows within 15 minutes of flight to get to mountainous terrain and controlled airport in Rzeszów, where can be performed ILS, VOR, LOC, NDB approaches

Aerodrome Flight  Information Service (MIELEC INFO) corresponds in Polish and English.

ARP - coordinates and location: N 50° 19` 20` E 21° 27` 44`

Airport elevation: 558 feet


Airport Manager: Lotnisko Mielec Sp. z o.o. 30 Lotniskowa St. 39-300 Mielec, phone: +48 17 778 77 97³ Fax: +48 17 788 75 88

Mielec Airport EPML

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