Performance Based Navigation PBN
Performance Based Navigation

PBN training at Royal-Star Aero

The purpose of the training is to familiarize pilots with the principles of performance based navigation (PBN -Performance Based Navigation) for proper operational use. Pilots will learn the basic 
concepts of RNP APCH systems, operations, classifications and operational limitations applied to RNP APCH instrument approach procedures.


All pilots who, after 25 August 2018, wish to operate instrument flights in accordance with Systems Characteristics Based Navigation (PBN) procedures, specifically Approaches: RNP APCH, must
obtain a PBN competency endorsement, referred to as a "PBN rating" in addition to the IR held (or being acquired). In Poland, during the transitional period (i.e. until 25.08.2020) the "PBN entitlement" will be issued as an insert to the Part-FCL licence.


Requirements to be met by candidates before starting theoretical training:

An applicant undertaking a theoretical knowledge course for an IR(A)/PBN should have:

 - at least PPL(A) licence,
 - valid instrument rating IR(A),
 - valid category rating for the aircraft in which the training will be performed

Credit for previous experience

Experience acquired through the training or through knowledge of PBN operations should be equivalent to the competencies acquired during the above courses and also should be demonstrated by a proficiency check or IR/PBN skill test conducted by an appropriately approved LKE skill tester. Admission to such an examination will be subject to the presentation of a certificate from the air operator (pilot's employer) or an HT from an ATO duly approved for PBN training.

This way of obtaining a 'PBN rating' is therefore applicable, both to pilots who have an IR and experience in PBN, and to those who have an IR and will complete their PBN competency in an ATO during a 'bridge' course. Individual initial verification of pilot PBN competency on the basis of operator training records will be carried out, and in the event of a positive result, issued with an appropriate certificate, by flight operators (for CAT and SPO). In case of GA pilots with IR privileges, the certificate of completion of the "bridge" training will be issued by the HT of the ATO organisation approved to conduct PBN training. On the basis of the aforementioned certificate, duly authorised practical examiners of the LKE ULC, after successfully passing the proficiency check or the IR practical test, will be entitled to confirm the pilot's PBN qualification in the form of a licence insert, which in the interim period (i.e. until 25 August 2020) will constitute confirmation of obtaining the "PBN rating".

If an IR/ME entitlement is valid:

Duration of the training is 8 hours of theoretical training and 2 hours of practical training on a PA-34 or PA28R aeroplane or on a FNPT II Alsim ALX or AL250 class simulator located in Mielec



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